10/13/CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

Here is what they say we will get:

White Salad Turnips – 1 bun
Arugula – 1/2 lb bag
Carrots – 1 bun
Kale (Toscano, Green, or Red) – 1 bun
Broccoli (or Green Beans or Lettuce) – 1 pc/bag

Our shares have been a lot smaller this year. I guess it’s because of all the rain. Still, I am glad I have a full share so I have something to eat during the week.


I’m looking forward to the kale. Unfortunately, I am going away on a well-deserved vacation on Friday, so I’ll have to give my room-mate the greens and the carrots I don’t use for dinner on Thursday night.  Oh, well. (fortunately, I have someone who will pick up my vegetables  next week and keep them until I get back on Saturday night.)


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