10/06/11 CSA SHARE: What they said and what we got

Once again, I’ve been off-line due to computer problems.  This time, believe it or not, my 10-year-old modem died (imagine that!). When I took it to Time Warner, the rep I talked to said she had never seen a modem like that!  Exchanged it right away.  Then we couldn’t get it started for a few days. Now, hopefully, it is a go.

This is what they said we would get:

Golden Beets – 1 bun
Baby Bok Choi – 1 bun
Lettuce Mix – 1 bag
Green Cabbage – 1 pc
Sweet Potatoes – 2 lb.
Yellow Onions – 2-3 pc

….and what we got:
Actually, we got almost everything… the only thing I would have  to have gotten was the cabbage… but we got string beans and KALE, and I do love my kale (I traded my string beans for more kale)..
We got apples and pears for the fruit share.

I volunteered again tonight, so I was able to get one more bunch of kale, another bunch of beets, and an extra bag of pears from the shares that weren’t picked up. I also snared a bunch of cilantro from an herb share that wasn’t picked up.

All was good except the walk home. With my bag very packed, and still my bags from school, I was very loaded down, and the six blocks seemed endless.

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