Volunteering for the CSA

I did a volunteer stint at the CSA distribution this evening.

Because my train stopped at Queens Plaza for an inordinate amount of time (I think the driver had to use to potty or something useful like that), I got there about 15 minutes late, and just jumped in line to unload the farm truck, then went to work doing other things that seemed to need doing.  They already had most of the share boxes piled on and under tables, but they did not have the box content information written on the blackboard, so I did that.  Then, ,I saw that they did not have an open share box (my personal priority), so I opened a box and put the sign on, looked inside, and grabbed the item (cranberry beans) I knew I wanted to trade something from myb box  for.  I traded the scallions (good trade on my part, as, when we were all done, it turned out that a lot of people had traded in thetook …. You guessed it! Scallions!)

I have come to realize that, when I volunteer, I annoy the closers, those people who are responsible for seeing that we close up on time. (this could be –duh- because I handled a season on my own, and saw how things worked best… uh, according to me. It could also be because I come to pick up my share every week and see what doesn’t work)   When I am working as a volunteer, I do offer some advice, but I mostly try to keep my mouth shut.  If I am there early, I will try to give input as to how to set up the tables, but I try to go easy.

Closing is where I am the best (or obnoxious).  I can see the flow of people, and I can see how best to begin closing up shop. I can see that at least an hour before closing.  I start to ask the closer if I can close down this or that table.  Often the closer is afraid to close down the tables, even if the space is no longer needed.  (Unfortunately, I am one of those “intelligent” people who can see how things work and are going, and I lobby vociferously. Yes, I do do that—I wouldn’t do that if I did not know that I was right – I am a shy person, so I don’t speak up unless I *know* that I am right.  I am getting better at not saying “Told you so”)

Anyway, I enjoyed doing all the heavy lifting today (we had no men on the crew).  I kept annoying the closer with my favorite chant: “I want to fold the table. Please let fold the table. I really want to fold the table. “ over and over again.


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