I hate canteloupes. You’ve probably heard it before.  I hate canteloupes, but every year, I try canteloupe, just to make sure that I still hate it.  This has been my practice for as long as I can remember it (eating small canteloupe balls at home, eating canteloupe cubes at parties).  Last week, I got a canteloupe in my share box, so I knew it was time again.  I cut the canteloupe in half, spooned out the seeds, and sat down for the yearly experiment.  Surprise! I put the spoon in, took the spoon to my mouth, chewed, and spooned again. and again.  and again.  I hit bottom finally, and stopped, then go the other half, and went through that. Wow.  I am not going to say that it was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten, but it was okay, and I would eat it again.  Still not saying I would go looking for it, or deliberately buy it, though.


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