9/1/11 CSA SHARE: What we got

This week, I had a big adventure going to pick up my share!  I finished work at 4pm, but I had a class at 6pm.  I knew I was getting the 2  20lb shares, so I took my shopping cart with me to work.  (after last year’s transport problems, this time, I took along some bungee cords!).  I got to the distribution center by 4:30, bagged and loaded my share, loaded up the tomatoes and strapped them down, and started lugging the cart home by 4:50.  About a block from home, I realized that my keys had fallen into the bottom of my handbag, which I had left for work, opting to carry only my small shoulder purse with essentials – where my keys usually are!)  Then I had to start to pray (oh please let Mrs. Murphy be there next door.  If not, please let Mary Anne, upstairs, be there.  If not, please let Stevie across the hall be there.  If not, please let the drug dealers be there.)  I got lucky.  Mrs. Murphy, my elderly next-door neighbor, was there. Her son was visiting. He knows me. He opened the door and let me talk to Mrs. Murphy — his sisters never let me in.  Mrs. Murphy let me climb through her bedroom window so I could cross the fire escape and climb through my kitchen window to get into my apartment. (I gave her 10 tomatoes and 6 peaches in gratitude).  I’ve only been locked out once before – Mrs. Murphy let me go across the fire escape that time – that’s how I learned about it.  She is so so sweet.

I got my 40 lbs of organic roma tomatoes this week.  Hello 24/7 dehydrating!  along with tomato salads, tomato sandwiches, tomato soup! (got to be careful – tomato overdose brings on sickness!)  Working hard to dehydrate tomatoes to give away for Christmas — sun-dried tomatoes!

Here is what they said and  we got:

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pt
Basil – 1 bun
Long Green or Bell Pepper  – 1 pc…got 1 small red bell pepper
Baby Leeks – – 1 bun
Cucumbers – 2 pcs
Red Tomatoes – 5 pcs
Baby Arugula -1 bag………..traded for basil
Zucchini – 3 pcs
Surprise Item!……………got an eggplant

I also got two bags of peaches! Yum!




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