Raw Meet-up Etiquette: what’s at issue

A local raw food meet-up is coming up active. That’s cool.  The only problem I have is one of etiquette.  It’s been my experience going to “restaurant” meetups, that the folks who come expect to share the bill, so some folks gas up, while I’m eating what I can afford, and then I’m surprised by a mega-bill.

I’d love to go to Pure Food and Wine (a luxe raw food restaurant in downtownManhattan) and chow down – the only problem is that an average meal can run into the 100s of $$$$. (the only time I went there, the dinner cost more than $200 – found that out when we broke up).

If I could be sure that I could pay for my personal consumption separately, I might be willing to attend such a meetup, but…. how does one broach that issue discretely?

Right now, I am standing off from the meet-up for precisely this reason. Pure Food and Wine is way pricey. I could probably afford a glass of organic wine, or an appetizer.  Please not the *or*.  Still, and all, it would be nice to meet other people who eat raw.


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