Portabella Mushrooms: some info

Where the name comes from 
“Portabella”, portobella, or portobello?   All of these are spellings for a mushroom which was originally a mushroom nobody wanted.  Baby portabella mushrooms are also called “Baby Bella”, as well as “Crimini” (heads-up here: you can price check and see which name is cheaper!) The “baby bella” and “crimini” are just young, immature portabella mushrooms. Nobody really knows where the name comes from.

What kind of mushrooms are they?
Portobellos belong to the strain “Agaricus bisporus”which is  the same strain as the usual mushrooms you find in your market..

No matter. They are yummy, wherever they come from, whatever they are called.

info from http://kitchenproject.com/history/Mushrooms/Portobello/index.htm


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