Here is what they say we will get (they are mum on what fruit we will get – I’m starting to feel like we are the orphans – other CSAs with our farm get to hear of their fruit.. grouse grouse! Oh well)

3lb……..Red Potatoes
1 bun….Cippolini, or White, or Walla Walla Onions
2 pc…….Long Green Peppers
1 pc…….Bell Pepper
2 pc……Zucchini
2 pc……Garlic
1 bun….Carrots  or Chives
1 hd ….Baby Romaine or Baby Batavian Lettuce

I don’t give potatoes to my elderly neighbor lady anymore — her children (people my age) are joking about me and calling me “the potato lady”.  She doesn’t like anything else I offer her, but I won’t give her potatoes ever again).   Perhaps I’ll be able to trade off the potatoes for something else.

I’m figuring, since the pickings are so lean, I’ll go buy some apples and tomatoes and make some green smoothies with the lettuce.

I need to run up  to Fairway, because I will want to make some stuffed peppers.


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