6/28/11 What they say we will get

This is what they say we will get (so far this season, the predictions have been pretty right on, but… still….)

Swiss Chard- 1 bun
Baby Cabbage- 1 hd
Red Potatoes – 1 bag
Onions – 1 bun
Long Green Peppers – several pcs
Zucchini – several pcs
Baby Leeks – 1 bun
Basil – 1 bun
Arugula -OR- Purslane – 1 bunch/bag

I’ll probably give the potatoes to Mrs. next door — but then again, I might not do that.  The main reason I am not sure is  that her children and grandchildren have come to call me “the potato lady”, and I don’t think that is a nice thing to do. (She said she so liked potatoes, and so I took them to her, and then her children and grandchildren are making fun of me? Maybe she doesn’t even really like potatoes, yes?)    I might just spend the week experimenting with raw potato recipes, instead.  (I’ll figure out something else to take to Mrs. Murphy.)



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