6/23/11 CSA SHARE -what they say we will get

Been down so long it looks like up to me!  Both computers were down for the longest kind of time (okay, three weeks!)  Finally, a kind gentleman stepped in and got one of them up and running (for free!), so, I am back on-line.

This is Week Three of the CSA delivery.  There has been a lot of lettuce. A  LOT!  (I don’t like lettuce!)  There’s been so much lettuce that there hasn’t been much to trade for it (I go to the trade box and just see all lettuce!)

I’ve been fooling around with green smoothies (a bunch of lettuce in the blender with some other vegetables and an apple), but I am not going to be writing any green smoothie books anytime soon, i.e., I don’t like green smoothies and am not sure that I can grow to like them.

The good thing about all of this lettuce is that I have invented a very nice salad dressing which helps me be more willing to eat a lettuce salad (read on to find the recipe – I think it is really yummy)

Red Boston Lettuce -1 hd
Red Romaine Lettuce-1 hd
Kohlrabi-1 bun
Scallions-1 bun
Fennel-1 bun
Red Beets-1 bun
Surprise Item1 bun

Last week, I got a huge bunch of strawberries.  For some reason, I haven’t felt like dealing with them, so they were on their last legs tonight.  I went through them, separated the firm from the mushy, and sliced up the firm ones and tossed them in the dehydrator. The mushy ones are still good enough to make a smoothy in the morning. (I will, I promise)

 KOHLRABI looks a little like a turnip, a white-ish bulb. It has edible leaves which stand out from the bulb . The bulb grows just above the soil line. Kohlrabi should be peeled.  It can be sliced raw,  or cut into sticks for salads or dips.  It can also be sliced thinly to use for raw raviolis.  Kohlrabi lasts a few weeks in the refrigerator. The leaves, however are more perishable and should be used within a few days.

FENNEL is a white or pale green bulb with closely arranged stalks are growing out from it. The tops of the stalks have feathery green The bulb, stalk, and leaves  are edible.  Tightly wrap fresh fennel in a plastic bag and refrigerate for up to one week.


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