FELLOW BLOGGERS: Watch your material! Thieves are all around

To those of you who blog, or publish your material on the Internet or in print:  Guard your material!

I am very sorry to have to out an on-line thief :


Last week, I found that my recipes had been stolen wholesale and posted in an article on this site, and I approached the site.  After a few days, I received an email from the site saying that they had removed the posting, however, on a look-see today, I find that, with the link I have, the article containing my recipes continues to remain there. The only change is that the name of the author of the article has been removed.

This tells me that this site has no respect for the laws of the US, and this site condones intellectual theft as well as copyright violation.

Such concerns count on the fact that many of us are not financially independent and do not have the time or wherewithal to sue for intellectual theft.  The only option those of us who publish have, to protect our intellectual property, i.e., those original works we have published, is to out these folks.  Somewhere along the line, such an action will work, I believe.  In my case, I am going to maintain a list of such sites which condone intellectual theft, and continuously publish it on any and every on-line venue I discover. Sooner or later, someone with money will find that this site has stolen their work and will sue, and will use my evidence to win the suit. (they may or may not share with me — the most important thing is that they will bring down the promotion of intellectual theft by this site)

If you publish information on your blog, do, please, pay attention to ping-backs. This is how you will find the thieves who are stealing your work and publishing it on-line as their own.

You may not have the resources to pursue this intellectual theft, but you do have the resources of the Internet.

I told these people last week that the article submitted to them contained my work copied wholesale. They said they would delete that article.  They have not done so.  This tells me that they intend to ignore my copyright.  My only recourse, now, is to publish as widely as I can how this site promotes intellectual theft.

I am saying this here, but I will go to every other place I know of to share this information, to help other publishers protect their work.


2 responses to “FELLOW BLOGGERS: Watch your material! Thieves are all around

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  2. well good for you – its appaling that folk think nothing of taking other blogers stuff. It IS theft. I am an artist so understand how bad it is.

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