RAW SOUL IS NO MORE – but they have left us gifts!

Don’t you just hate it when people tell you something that is not exactly true.  Last spring, I posted that, despite rampant rumors, Raw Soul, that wonderful little raw food restaurant in Harlem, was not going to close, and was alive and running – my information came straight from Lillian and Eddie, the owners.  Distressed over the news, I contacted them, and they told me “No sister Margaret it is not true.  They are just that, rumors!”

The rumors were, indeed, true.

While fact-checking for the education section of the appendix of my new book, I visited Raw Soul’s website and discovered the sad, sad truth.  Raw Soul has closed, and Eddie and Lillian have moved on, planning an international company to distribute their products.  See the truth at Raw Soul

Lillian and Eddie have left us all some gifts, however. If you do go to Raw Soul, you can download for free an e-book with the recipes they made at their workshops in 2009 and 2010 (as a graduate of their raw food training, and an erstwhile restaurant customer, I can attest to the yumminess of their recipes).  You can also download e-books with Raw Soul soup recipes, as well as dessert recipes. ( I quickly downloaded these even as I was dabbing away the tears.)

Of course, we wish Lillian and Eddie well, when they settle in in New Mexico.  It looks like they will be close to some other big raw food concerns.

Meanwhile, it is sad that we have lost yet another raw food restaurant in New York City. (Recently I received an email informing me that Quintessence is going to be serving cooked food now — I received a message from Chef Dan to that effect, but I do not see the cooked foods mentioned on their website, which claims that they do not cook their food).

Why is it that New York City cannot support raw food restaurants?


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