BACK TO MASTER CLEANSE = after a whoops!

Yes, I was doing great last week… and then, once again, fate intervened! (this time, again, it was that my room-mate was on a deadline, and, when I stopped participating in our shared meal-prep — not preparing, not eating– my room-mate stopped eating healthy food and went to cookies, chocolate, and instant noodles.  When she started getting really crazy — a total junk-food diet apparently can do that–  I had to step in, prepare food and eat it with her.  I have since told her that I will NEVER break my fast for her again — this was the third time that she pulled this stunt. From now on, if she wants to ignore her health, I am not going to step in and save her. )

So, now, I am on day three again!  I haven’t mentioned it before, possibly out of superstition.  (Last night, the room-mate expected me to cook for her, because I usually do on Tuesdays, so I did. That was an amazing experience. I prepared something that I thought would be delicious, but I did not taste it.  As a result, I gained a new appreciation for moms who may be on a diet, may want to be raw when their families don’t, and moms who are on diets.  That was rather hard.)

Last night, I had the headache from hell.  I forced down 3 pint glasses of water and then just lay there and told myself that sleep would work.  Yuck.

Today, I was happy to notice that I did not need to drink so much of the lemonade at work.  (I did notice that I do need to force myself to drink more water)

On the way home, I smelled a lot of delicious food, and, when I did, I just kept going. Once I was past the smell, I was okay.  I got home and made up another batch of my “lemonade”.

I’m doing okay, and I am happy.  One thing that I have noticed (since I had forgotten to do it) is that drinking a laxative tea at night really does help out– even though the morning salt flush will do the work, the evening tea makes it, how shall I say, “much more efficient”.


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