Tonight, well into my Master Cleanse, I’ve been running through all sorts of cravings. I’ll call them cravings, but they were more like “hunger shout-outs” — Suddenly, I’ve wanted to eat things I never want to eat — potato chips, jello, like that…  It’s all been easy enough to stay away from (none of that is in my house), and, anyway, when I double check, I am not hungry.  I’m just thinking about food.  I went into the kitchen and piled up all of my food containers and put them in my pantry.  Won’t need them for a while. Tomorrow, I am going to scrub the refrigerator – my half, at least (tee hee!)

It’s all so interesting because even a day of editing a cookbook did not call up any “hunger shout-outs”.  Oh well. That’s the fun of fasting, I guess.


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