Looking at my first winter of no CSA — my first time being really poor

This is going to be my first winter of REALLY POOR.  (I am the scary kind of poor, where I cannot get food stamps, because, since I work, and I make enough to pay my part of a shared rent which is not all that high,and I have been careful, so I do not have illegitimate children, I am disqualified. I can pay my rent, and I pay my health insurance, but I cannot afford to pay a health insurance co-pay, so I cannot go to my doctor if I am sick).  I am not able to afford the very affordable winter CSA share (which would deliver lots of vegetables every 3 weeks), so it is going to be very interesting.  I cannot even afford the Angelfood Ministries offerings for low income people, because I would have to miss 4 hrs of work to pick up something that would cost me what I would make in 4 hrs.  It is going to be interesting.  I’m thinking now about how I will have to organize in order to get food into the house and use it in the most efficacious ways, in order to be able to feel full and still be able to pay the rent. I am going to look into the local food pantries, and see if they offer things I can eat (no idea. Maybe beans I can sprout? — I will have to find out where there is a food pantry, then go there and see what they have).  I have never been poor before.  I mean, I have never had to wonder how I would be able to afford food.  This is going to be interesting.

The good thing is that I will be able to post seriously frugal ideas about how to maintain raw and healthy.  I’ll be working on, if I am lucky, a $60-$70/month food budget.  (We won’t be seeing any young Thai coconuts or macadamia nuts, for sure!)  On a certain level (i.e. since, right now, I don’t see a way out, and I might as well look on the bright side)  I am looking forward to this, because I am going to  really have to stretch and come up with solutions.  (Meanwhile, I am not dead yet, so things still have a chance of looking up, yeah?)

When I’ve been in a more comfortable situation, I’ve advised people who have complained that they could not afford to be raw.  Now it is my turn to follow my own advice.  It isn’t going to be fun, but I can do this. (The no fun part is not being able to go out with friends, and even having to be very careful about inviting friends over).  This is the poorest I have ever been in my life — even in graduate school, I had more disposable income.  I can’t believe I am here, but… hey! something good will come out of this, one way or another.


4 responses to “Looking at my first winter of no CSA — my first time being really poor

  1. Oh wow – good luck! I look forward to reading the frugal recipes – food is going up and up all the time in the UK so it will be really helpful.
    Keep warm and healthy.

  2. You have provided so much inspiration to me, and I love your recipes. It hurts me to think of your current struggles, and I would like to help you (or to put it more truly, to finally repay you for what you have given to me). Would you please post a PO Box or something so that we could do that??

    • wow! Thanks, a lot, but you don’t need to do that. I’ll be posting the info about my new book, shortly, and I hope you’ll buy it. Meanwhile, would you mind giving me a testimonial? (i.e., you say that my site has inspired you… would you mind writing a short paragraph about that, in detail? I’d love to see what you have to say, and, with your permission, of course, I might be able to publish your words) Thanks for considering the idea, whatever you decide.
      Love and blessings!

  3. Hi, I really feel for you! This November we paid for COBRA insurance and could not afford to even refill our kids perscriptions. So what’s the point of paying for insurance if you can’t go to the doctor? I was recently laid off and am starting a raw food web site as my full time job. I hope you’re using this blog to generate some income.I wish you the best!

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