Just fooling around, viewing different dehydrators by different manufacturers for fun, just to reassure myself after all these years (8 or 9, I’d say) that my Excalibur  dehydrator was and continues to be the right choice, the onliest choice for me, I found this interesting gizmo.

If you don’t have electricity, or if you live in a warm, dry place, the FoodPANtrie [sic] might be right up your alley. (Me, I live in a city apartment – no place to dry outdoors, no space to deal with this indoors). I’ve seen instructions for “build-your-own” dehydrators before, but this one is very uniquely creative. In addition, you can read the instructions and find out some interesting things that people do to the food when they are dehydrating. Do check it out, if only to see what ingenuity can do.


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