KALE CHIPS: 2 kinds

Last night, I made kale chips with the remaining kale from my CSA share.  I had about 3 bunches, and, so, it was a no-brainer — I can’t eat that much kale in 3 days (going to a family reunion on Saturday, and then on to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a much needed dose of South and Atlantic Ocean — watching the sun rise over the ocean for those few days will regenerate me for another year)

Back to the kale chips!  I made two batches — for the first batch, I made up a batch of my cashew/cheddar cheeze , then I made up a batch with smoked jalapeno cheeze (since I liked the jalapeno cheeze kale chips I tried at the raw food meet-up on Saturday).

I used about 1 recipe of cheeze per 2 bunches of kale.  (figure 1 C of cashews plus the corresponding amount of other ingredients)

The kale chips came out yummy! (I’ll take them in a bag with me on vacation — I think I’ll put a bunch of them in a bubble-pak envelope to make sure they are not powder before I get there)

I like the cashew/cheddar chips best, but I can see other people liking the jalapeno chips… I ‘ll do both, depending on the ingredients I have (jalapeno is fewer ingredients)


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