When I was at the raw food meet-up on Saturday night,  I overheard a conversation about the work that we put into raw food meals.  I did not butt in, but I thought about what I do.  I tend to make things like crackers or bread or sauerkraut  from time to time and then store them until I use them up.  Daily meals are usually chop chop or spiralize or process in the food processor.

Today, since I copped several cabbages at the CSA (got two, traded for one, and got one from the share box that wasn’t picked up), I am going to start some sauerkraut.  That will take me about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to make up.

It is my turn to make dinner tonight, and I have an onion, some turnips, some sweet potatoes, some kale, as well as cashews and almonds and dried tomatoes.

I am going to make

  • Marinated massaged kale and onion
  • Sweet potatoes “creamed” with cashews, with a date, and pumpkin pie spice
  • Turnips (processed in the food processor with a little onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil)
  • I expect that preparation will take me maybe 45 minutes total for preparation.  I’ll start with the kale, chop it up, mash it up, and set it aside to marinate.
  • Then I will do the sweet potatoes, because they have no oil, so it will be easy to rinse out the food processor bowl.
  • Then I will process the turnips.

Once the turnips are done, it will be time to serve up dinner!

(Tomorrow I will have leftovers of some of this, and I will probably drag out the juicer and make apple juice, and use the pulp as apple sauce.)

Dinner doesn’t take any longer than it would take to make a SAD diet dinner from scratch.  If I were on a SAD diet, or a cooked vegan diet, I would still make my food from scratch (I like to know who made the food and what attitude they had while they were doing it, and the only real way I can control that is to be the maker.  I also don’t like the prepared foods you find in the markets because I cannot be sure what is in them)

When I am preparing dinner for myself alone, I often just go with one dish..  I might just do the marinated greens and sprinkle some grated almonds on top, or the sweet potatoes with cashews, or I might make a soup with squash, cashews, some Thai green curry paste (I learned to make the curry  paste in a Raw Chef Dan class- I make it up and dehydrate what I don’t use immediately), and onions, and garlic.

The secret to my fast food is my dehydrator.  You might think otherwise, but a few minutes of food prep in advance, then 12 or so hours of dehydrating (where you don’t have to do anything but wait), pay off in the end.  (I guess I am fortunate that I came up in hippie times, when we believed in making food from scratch, then learned about nutrition, and came to understand the ingredients that other people/manufacturers are likely to put in their products, and then started eating raw food.  I was already prepped to live without microwaved food – in fact, I never lived near a microwave until 2000, so I have never really had the chance to get used to fast food—my idea of fast food is a peach or a banana.  Slightly less fast is whatever I throw into the food processor and process for about 10 seconds – 1 minute)




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