RAW FOOD MEET-UPS ARE GREAT! : my wonderful experience last night

Last night, I went to a raw food meet-up potluck dinner.  It was fantastic!  Unlike other raw potlucks I have been to, there was no restriction on what we could bring, nor on what ingredients could be included.  Consequently, the fare was quite varied and spectacularly delicious.

I do hope that this particular group will continue to have potluck meet-ups, as all of the people I met there were very interesting, and I would like to get together with them again.


  • I took cashew-kale cheeze stuffed tomatoes (okay, I sliced a tomato and smeared the kale/cashew cheeze over the slices). It was very well received.
  • There was a chocolate cake (wow! It was marvelous, but I realized that I don’t like sweet and rich that much anymore)
  • There were two versions of collard wraps, each with its own special flavor
  • The falafal was pretty good, though, if I can get the recipe, I will dehydrate it for a shorter period
  • There was also an interesting “sushi” — I went back for secondsThere were also  “pumpkin pie”, some commercial kale chips, a salad,  and some cookies

It was also very cool to see one very tiny apartment converted so neatly into a spacious room with ample storage.

If you would like to meet other raw foodies in your area, I highly recommend that you look for a meet-up group there.  Check out meet-up.com


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