I’ve just seen a declaration/announcement of World Raw Food Day …. How would you celebrate?  Will you get together with other raw foodies for a potluck?  Will you quietly and consciously eat your raw food dinner?  Will you go to a raw food restaurant and try something new and delicious?

I am thinking about going back to Rockin Raw a Brooklyn raw food restaurant that I visited in the spring and liked quite a bit, or else, to an old favorite standby, Raw Soul, in Harlem.  I like both.  I guess I am leaning toward whichever one I can entice friends to go to with me.


2 responses to “10/10/10 WORLD RAW FOOD DAY

  1. adventuresinuncooking

    Ooh you’re so lucky to live in a big city where you have several choices of raw food restaurants!! I think the closest one to me is 2/3 hours away in Atlanta. Love the blog!

    • it is nice to live in NYC. I feel I am blessed to be able to live here. As to the restaurants… I have tried all of them at least once, but I don’t go often — I am picky about what I eat and how it is prepared (a spiritual issue), so I really like to eat what I have prepared as much as possible (that is the cheaper way, anyway)
      I am glad you like my blog. Yours is interesting as well. I am going to go back when I have more time.

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