Educating people to go back to slow food, which I am using as having the opposite meaning to fast food, is difficult in most cases.  (For more than 10 years, I’ve been trying to help a friend understand the value of creating meals from fresh, natural food, yet she cannot understand why buying microwavable, or otherwise “instant” foods, or sauce and/or seasoning mixes is not the healthiest choice she could make. Let’s face it: She doesn’t like to cook, but she likes to eat.  Food producers make easy to prepare foods available to her in the frozen food section of the supermarket, as well as in the inside aisles, where she finds flavorings  for her pasta dishes.

I have shown her how to read the ingredients listings on packaged food, so that she can avoid undesirable ingredients, however, although she has written books on nutrition for various physical ailments, she is not interested.

At some point, you need to stop.  You just go ahead and eat what you know is right, and, when you invite your friends to share a meal, you share the kind of food you prefer to eat, and hope that they might become interested.

If you feel like evangelizing, you just prepare the kinds of meals you prefer and take them to work or to school with you, and, if people ask you about what you are eating, you simply say that it is, say, “raw zucchini pasta with raw tomato and almond spaghetti sauce”, then you take a bite, and see if they ask you any questions. (If they say, “oh! That sounds like a salad!” you can say “yes, it is kind of like a fancy salad.  If they ask questions, you answer them straightforwardly with things like, “yes, this is what I eat”, or “this is the way I like to eat” or “this is the easiest way for me to eat” and let it drop.  If they come back and ask you how they can learn more, refer them to your favorite website on raw food. (If they find something of interest, they may come back to ask you questions, which you can answer – but you must prepare yourself to expect that they will ask the same questions 25 times, and still not go raw.  It is like religion.   The best way to teach people about raw food is to let them see you eating it and thriving.  Some will be attracted to the benefits.  Some will just complain that it is too hard to do, or that they can’t bear to give up their favorite foods, and you must accept that with a smile, and stop talking food with them.

People who want to observe a raw food lifestyle will do it.  All of the rest of the people will do as they will, and that is their right, just as it is our right to eat as we see fit.


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