09/16/10 CSA SHARE: What they said and what we got


Lettuce Mix – 1/2 lb. bag……………………5 tomatoes
French Breakfast Radishes – 1 bun
Red Tomatoes – 4-6 pcs
Acorn Squash – 1 pc
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pt
Nicola Potatoes – 1 qt
Colored Peppers – 1 pc…………………….3 sweet red long peppers

1 bag mixed Yellow Peaches & Gala Apples

I traded the lettuce right off the bat.  I was going to take 2 sweet red peppers, but I set them down for a moment, and they disappeared, so I grabbed the bag of tomatoes that was in the trade box.   I was lucky to get 3 peppers in my box instead of only 1, so I was happy.

Additionally, the “tomato seconds” box came in.  I had asked for it, but hadn’t been really vigilant about my email, so I wasn’t sure I would get the box, but, when I got to the distribution center, I found that there was a box of tomatoes for me. (Looking in the box, it seems that the “seconds” are just about as good as what we get in our share box anyway. I’ve written off to see if I can get another box next week… that would be a super bonus if it could happen.  I had only ordered one, and that daringly, because I did not think I had enough money to pay the rent at the time of the offer — fortunately, things did work out all round).

Coming home, I ran into Mrs. Murphy, the lovely elderly Scottish lady next door, and I offered her my potatoes, which she accepted, saying she would like to make an egg salad with them (but then she said she is not supposed to eat eggs).  Anyway, she was happy to take them.  I opened the tomato box and asked her to take a few if she could eat tomatoes, so she took 3 nice ones.  (I’ve done my good deed — actually, I like to offer Mrs. Murphy parts of my share, but I don’t always get things that she can eat.)


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