I know you are drinking your water.  That is important with any sort of diet.  Water keeps you healthy.  Probably you are drinking fresh spring water, or else, you are drinking mineral water.  You are buying bottles and bottles of water, and you might be concerned that you are throwing away a lot of bottles.  You might be concerned about BPA in the bottles you are using.  You might even be concerned about your carbon footprint.

Enter the VAPUR bottle, a ½ liter BPA-free re-usable, foldable, freezable, washable (even in a dishwasher) water container.

Woohoo!  VAPUR has kindly sent me a “review copy” of their “anti-bottle”, a 1/2 liter BPA-free It is available in blue, green, pink, purple, smoke (black), and orange.

I saw the VAPUR bottle in Canada, on my famous trip to Toronto (a foreign country where they speak English – so interesting!) and I wanted one right away, but, since I saw it was US-made, I figured I could pick one up at home, and thus have nothing to declare at the border.

Now, at last, I have a VAPUR bottle, and it is amazing!  It is very light, and, when you finish your water, you can just fold it up until you have a chance to refill it.  Whether you are a believer in “pure spring water”, or tap-water friendly, this bottle will help you reduce your carbon footprint as well as the load you are carrying.  If you do only spring water, you can buy a larger bottle, refill the VAPUR from it, and go on about your business.  If tap water works for you,  you can refill the VAPUR from any handy water fountain or tap.

I am carrying mine to work. I teach English to foreigners (ESL),  and the air-conditioning in this private school is iffy (no matter the season, I must dress in layers, from sleeveless presentable office wear, to suit jacket or heavy sweater).  When there is no air, I need more water.  My VAPUR comes in very handy.

Since I do hot yoga, I need to drink about a gallon of water during the day, before I get to my hot  yoga class.  The VAPUR makes carrying water with me everywhere,so that I will remember to drink it, very easy  (I am going to get another one so that I can freeze some water to carry to the hot yoga class with me)

I’m also quitting smoking, and I am following my own advice to my smoking cessation clients, to drink water every time I wish I could take a puff on a cigarette.  Carrying the VAPUR makes it much easier to haul water around, and, too, it looks chic.

The VAPUR is also very handy if you are just running around town on errands, checking out a new city, riding your bicycle around, or whatever!

I did not buy a VAPUR when I saw it in Canada because I figured I could find one at home (I mean, doesn’t New York City have everything?)  Whoops!   I have searched high and low in New York City, but the VAPUR is either hiding in a dark corner in the the East Village or under a dainty shelf on the Upper West Side, or else it is *not available in New York City* (gasp! NYC is supposed to have everything!!!).

If you cannot find a VAPUR bottle in your town, go to the VAPUR website and order yours now.

Now, the disclaimer: Vapur is not paying me to tell you any of this (okay, they gave me one bottle to check out).  I won’t get a kick-back from them if you click through a link here and buy one. I am telling you all of this just because I really like the product.


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