I have just received and read through a very interesting book: Reasonably Raw, by Dr. Frank Ferendo.  If I had to classify this book, I would call it “raw food theory for busy, skeptical people.” Although I was initially skeptical about this book, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised — dang! How come I did not write this book when I thought about it?

Dr. Ferendo has written a digest of the work of the primary raw food gurus at work today.  I thank him for reading the books that I have been unwilling to read, and reporting the ideas objectively: he seems equally friendly to each different system.  The book describes the basic tenets of each theory with enough detail that the reader might not actually need to read the original books to be able to follow the concepts and apply them to a raw vegan diet.  In my case, I have been able to discover that, either I already knew the information, or I was right about not wanting to read a certain book as I do not agree with the concept.  Having read most of the works Dr. Ferendo has included, I feel I can trust his digests of the ones I haven’t read.

If you want to get a feel for the different raw food “schools”, and are feeling overwhelmed by the number of gurus who proclaim that their ideas are the only correct ones, this book can help you find your way, and, perhaps, find the system you would like to know more about.  Reading Reasonably Raw might even inspire you to create your own personal hybrid of two or more systems, as, I believe, most successful raw foodists end up doing.


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