9/2/10 CSA SHARE: WHAT THEY SAY WE WILL GET… and my musings about what the CSA isn’t this year

They say we will receive:

Cilantro  1 bun
Cherry tomatoes – 1 pt
Tomatoes – 4 lbs
Bell or Long Pepper
Salad Mix – 1/2 lb.
Garlic – 1-2 pcs
Green Peppers
Fruit share is supposed to be mixed peaches and apples.

I hope I will see all of these things, but, as usual, I will be happy with what I do get.

Lately, it is eas to meet my goal of using everything in the box because not much is coming in he box, and the things that do come are easy to add to whatever else I can find in the refrigerator.  (I’m saying this because I did scrape to get the funds to finance this season’s share, and I don’t happen to be able to buy much else to supplement what comes in the box.  Early on, there was a lot of lettuce/lettuce-type things.  For a raw foodist, lettuce goes fast in smoothies — for me, that is fortunate, since I cannot stand lettuce-type things!  The good part is that I am losing weight.  The bad part is that the share is quite parsimonious this year.  I love the idea of the CSA, but I am beginning to wonder about whether it is a good idea when I am near rock-bottom financially — is this only for rich people after all?  The shares this yar do not provide enough vegetables and fruit for a subsistence diet. (Based on past years, I had decided to forgo a few things this year in order to pay for this share this year, figuring that I would be able to make it through with what came in the box… but that hasn’t been the case, and there have been some meager weeks in my house.

I tried living on tomatoes for a couple of days. I do not recommend that.  (You will have an interesting digestive experience if you over-indulge in tomatoes, i.e. tomato juice for breakfast, tomato salad for lunch, tomato salad for dinner… will give you a “tomato experience” all the next day)

Whatever… I am in a kind of negative place right now.  I don’t have enough money to pay the rent and still buy additional food, so I am straining to get nutrition at this time. My CSA share, which I had counted on, is not doing what I thought it would.  There are, as a result, days when I just drink lemon juice (okay, I’m being mean — I do a 3 or 4 day Master Cleanse if there is no money for food, because I usually do have maple syrup in the house, and I can usually afford to buy 12 or so lemons to get me by).

I am waiting for things to get better. I am thinking of ways to make them get better. Meanwhile, I sure do wish more food would come through in the CSA box.


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