I am almost done with dehydrating the tomatoes. I’ve lost a few because of the weather — it’s been very humid, so the dehydration hasn’t gone as fast as I would have liked, and I have other food in the refrigerator.

While I have been  processing these tomatoes every which way, I have been eating more tomatoes than I probably ever have in my life (I do love tomatoes and I don’t get them that often!)  I have eaten one or two tomato sandwiches most days in the past two weeks, I have made zucchini pasta with tomato sauce, raviolis with tomato sauce, and I have drunk 4 tomatoes worth of tomato juice at least 7 mornings.

Now, I will admit that, ever since I was a kid, I have known that tomatoes can precipitate migraines, but… since I went migraine-free when I started eating raw, I had not thought about that — probably because I have only ever had about one tomato to eat per week.  Now I know why I should not have forgotten.  More interesting than that, for the entire day before the migraine hit, I learned a new reason to eat tomatoes sparingly.   I have never eaten so many tomatoes in such a short time,  so I am guessing that what happened was because of tomato overdose (although we were warned to wash the tomatoes carefully because they had been sprayed with copper to prevent fungus).    All I can tell you is that yesterday, the tomatoes did not spend much time in my body, nor did they get processed very well.  It was a busy day for me.

From now on, I am going to avoid consuming more than two tomatoes in one day ever again.  That means, if I have some fresh tomato juice, it will be a small glass-worth.  If I have sauce, it will only be a little.  I promise.

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