TOMATOES ARE HERE! What I’m doing this week!

When I paid for my CSA share, I bought 2 tomato shares as well.  Yes, I am only one woman, but…. the year is long and the tomato season is short, and I have a dehydrator!!!

The first year I was a member of the CSA, I shared my CSA share with another woman. She ordered a tomato share, and I did, too.  About 2 months in, my share partner realized that she was never going to get it together to go and pick up her half of the share,  and, so, she traded me her half for some hypnosis sessions). Thus, I suddenly wound up with two twenty-pound shares of tomatoes.  That was the year I lived tomatoes 24/7 for one week.  I’ve learned since then.

I did not expect the two boxes today. Never mind.  Like the US Army, I can turn on a dime and swing into gear!

Bless the fellow upstairs who engaged his cute biceps and toted my tomatoes up 1 flight of steps to my place. (bless him even more… he set the boxes down and went on upstairs to his place).

Okay, so I know what to do with 50 lbs of tomatoes in a New York City apartment.  (It mostly involves giving up to the grmove eater good whatever free time I may have).

First, there is the rinse (since the tomato fungus last year, my farmers spray copper solution on the tomatoes, so I must wash them).  Then the first phase is all about slicing.  My dehydrator has 5 trays, and so I slice the tomatoes in about 1/4 in. rounds, and lay them in tight rows on the dehydrator teflex sheets (raw slices are too juicy — I’d rather dehydrate that juice and use it than clean out the bottom of the dehyrator)

So, I’ve got5 trays set at 110 degrees with the timer set for 12 hours (I will check in 6 more hours and see if they are ready to turn.  If the tomatoes are dehydrated enough that I can move them, I will take them off the teflex and re-place them on the plastic mesh.


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