BREAD: New Recipe: Tomato/Walnut Bread

Tonight, I am making a new tomato bread recipe I found on Daily Raw Cafe (yea! Terilynn is back making new recipes!!

Terilynn says that she developed this recipe from one of my favorite recipes: the  sunflower/flax seed bread, in Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen recipe book.

I am interested to see how this bread is going to turn out, because I had some issues in the preparation:

  • I mixed all as specified, but, as usual, in making bread (or crackers), it was necessary to add more water in the spreading on the teflex sheets.
  • There was not enough “dough” to make two dehydrator sheets worth of bread, if the bread is going to be as thick as the bread in Ani Phyo’s recipe.  I ended up making one “thicker” tray, and one thinner (may turn out to be crackers) sheet

These are not real problems, actually.  They just open up the opportunity for me to reformulate the recipe to my liking.  Stay tuned!  Tomorrow, I will tell you how this bread turned out (after I make some sandwiches!)


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