7/22/10 CSA SHARE: What we got — What am I going to do with this?

When I went up to the community center to pick up my share,  I found that we had gotten pretty much what was promised.  I also saw that there was almost nothing in the share box — just a head of romaine and three zucchinis  (meaning that people had taken without leaving anything in return – NOT FAIR!)  I’m thinking that this might have happened because the share box was about as far away as possible from the volunteers; usually it is right up by the volunteer hangout.

Anyway, this is what they promised, and what I found in my box.

Zucchini – 3 pcs
Walla Walla Onions – 1 bun                 Red Onions
Red Beets – 1 bun
Savoy Cabbage – 1 hd
Red Norland Potatoes – 2 lb. bag
Basil – 1 bun
Cucumbers – 2 pcs
Romaine Lettuce – 1 hd

I am kind of disappointed: I guess I may never experience Walla Walla onions, but.. oh well.  I want to make crackers this week, and my favorite recipe calls for red onions, but I have never used them because they are more expensive, so I guess this is my big chance.  I am also thinking about a batch of sauerkraut with red onions.  I’m going to be making sauerkraut this week, so it would not  be that hard to make a small jar with the red onions.

The potatoes will go to Mrs. Murphy, if she answers her door (she is my older next door neighbor lady, and she doesn’t get out much,  but she does like her potatoes)  I think I might freeze the blueberries and then give them to her, as well. (I do like my blueberries, but if they will bring her some delight, that will be worth it. I will freeze them in case it takes her a while to get to them — she won’t have to worry). I will give her some peaches, too.  (actually, I feel guilty about not having given Mrs. Murphy any vegetables or fruit this year — my financial problems have made me have to depend on everything in my box for my meals.  Things haven’t gotten better for me yet, but I cannot get over the guilt, so I will give some of my share to Mrs. Murphy and hope she enjoys it.)


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