6/15/10 CSA SHARE: What we got & What I’m going to do with it

This is what I got (or traded for): Actually we got all or more of what they said, but some things I just did not want, and I can do in 3 bunches of kale in a couple of days!


Zucchini – 5-7 pcs                 4 pcs
Scallions – 1 bun                     1 bun

Swiss Chard – 1 bun 1 bun 1 bun kale
Corn- 4 pcs 3 pcs
Basil – 1 bun 1 bun
Cucumber- 1 pc 4 pcs
Toscano Kale – 1 bun 1 bun
Romaine  –  1 bun 1 bun 1 bun kale
Broccoli – 3 pcs 3 yellowed pcs 1 bun kale

I am going to make kale chips tomorrow night (no lemons in house tonight).  I’ll need to get more lemons because I want to use them for my corn dish.  Cucumbers!!! Best Southern hot weather dish ever!, they are all spoken for!

Whatever basil I cannot use in the next three days will go to the dehydrator… I so love basil!

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