Last night, I decided to make some kale chips.  I did not have a red bell pepper, and I did not have any lemon, so I decided to make them with the Thai green curry paste recipe from Sunday’s class.

I put about 3 T of the green curry paste into the food processor with 1 C cashews, about 1 C sundried tomatoes and about 1 T garlic powder, and some of the tomato soak water.  I ground it all into a loose paste.

I tore the leaves off the center vein, and then I tore them up into pieces @1-1/2 in. square, and placed them all in a huge bowl.  I added the curry/cashew mix to the bowl and mushed everything around until all the leaf pieces were covered with the cashew/curry mixture.

Then I placed all of the kale pieces on dehydrator trays and dehydrated overnight (@ 6 hrs at 105 degrees).

I took the kale chips to school today for lunch, and shared some of them with some lunch friends – they all liked them (nice! those people are not raw)

I’m so proud!


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