MY SUNDAY CLASS WITH RAW CHEF DAN: Thai green curry paste

I broke with tradition and asked for an afternoon off on Sunday!  Ha ha!  How good it was to do that! It was like having a whole day off, let me tell you! (oh, you don’t know ! I work 7 days a week!)

I went to a class with Raw Chef Dan and we learned how to make green Thai curry (I love Dan’s classes: he gives you the recipes, you sit comfortably –okay, it was hot in there, despite the air-conditioner– and you watch him make the food, and listen to his interesting patter carefully, as he throws out little tips which you’ll miss if you’re texting or something — then you get to eat everything he has made. yee ha!)

When I went back to work today, I mentioned to a young woman from Thailand that I had been to the class, and she told me of a store that sells all the Thai ingredients she uses which is near where I live (Dan gave us a business card for a place in Chinatown, and I will go there, too, but this place came to me as an over-ride from a real genuine Thai person, so I must definitely go there first, and I will get to check out another neighborhood on my subway line, to boot!)  This young woman was also very interested in the “raw take” on Thai food… at first, she thought what I had described sounded very weird, but she started come around when she started to think about making Thai food with all raw ingredients instead of what she has been used to.  It seems she has been eating raw “American food”, but could not make that leap to Thai food–  this is interesting to me, because I have encountered it with Japanese people — they can understand raw food when it is American food, but they cannot seem to understand that Japanese recipes could be adapted to raw vegan food.  (Blinders on? American ingenuity?  I don’t know.)


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