6/24/10 CSA SHARE: WHAT WE GOT and what I took home

What we got:

  • 2 bun. Swiss Chard traded for two bun Collards.
  • 1 bun. Carrots
  • 1 bun. Scallions got Cipollino onions
  • 1 bun. Collards                     got 2 bun.
  • 3 pcs Fennel
  • 1 bun. Cilantro or Dill    got dill

I decided to make collard wraps tonight. I did not waste much. I used one leaf and made it with a red bell pepper hummus that seemed bitter to me, despite the extra garlic and cayenne pepper I threw in, and added some julienned zucchini, some chives,  some of the Cipollino onion greens, as well as some basil.  I did not like that much, so I ate it, then made another with the hummus, the zucchini, and some onion greens. I oiled the outside of this one with olive oil, and I am going to eat it in a few minutes. I hold out no hope, but I am going to try it anyway.


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