Tonight is experiment night, i.e. I’m trying out a new recipe!  This one is Ani Phyo’s zucchini flax seed bread, from her new book, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials.  I love Ani’s sunflower/flaxseed bread from her first book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, but this one, which is smooth, as opposed to “seedy”, sounds interesting.

The recipe, on page 23 of the book, calls for 2 C chopped zucchini, 1 C almond meal, 1 C flax meal,  1/4 C olive oil, and some sea salt.   This mixes up into a very stiff batter – I found I had to wet my hands with water to spread it out over the Teflex sheet.  It is in the dehydrator for 4 hours, and then I will turn it and dehydrate it for 5 more (I’ll check it when I wake up at 5:30).  It is supposed to be soft – if it is, then I’ll pack some sandwich ingredients in the morning, and assemble a sandwich for lunch at work (I’ve found that, if I make the sandwich and carry it with, the dehydrated bread absorbs all the liquid and I end up with a weird pudding)

I’ll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.  (I’ve just run past the dehydrator, and it does smell yummy.)


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