Yesterday, I went to my friend Yoko’s community garden plot.  Now I know why I haven’t seen Yoko in a while.  She has been busy farming a 16 x 6 square foot plot, and it shows.

Last Saturday, I met up with Yoko, and she gave me a bag filled with basil, parsley, and chives, which, she told me, she had grown, herself.  I was intrigued, so, when she told me she had to work and could not go to the garden herself this Wednesday, I volunteered, on the condition that she show me what to do before hand.  That’s how I wangled the invitation for yesterday.

Wow!  Such a “farm”!!!  Right away, Yoko found a huge (16 inch long!) zucchini and gave it to me.  Yoko is growing 4 kinds of lavender, tomatoes, zucchini, basil, chives, scallions, and some flowers (because they are cute!)  We watered and tended, and then we tended the adjacent plot, whose owner is in the hospital – we took two zucchinis which were so big we were worried they might go bad before the owner came back (she’s been gone for a while)

In the end, I came away with 3 huge zucchinis (I have to find some more zucchini recipes!)

I am really looking forward to playing farmer tomorrow afternoon after work!  I have to get a battery for my camera so I can take pictures!


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