06/10/10 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

The farm is really trying to convert us into “leaf  people”. I’m convinced.  This is the second box out of two that is mostly leafy things (lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, and lettuce like things– never mind that, year before last, we told them we did not want so much lettuce, and they listened then – I guess they figured we had changed our minds)  This time, there’s going to be precious little to trade for… only if someone does not want garlic scapes or turnips.

I’m a bit disappointed because, especially this year, I signed up so I would not have to spend much for food while I am scrabbling for work and fighting hard to find the  money to pay the rent and utilities.

Okay, so I will have two or three green smoothies, because of all the leaves.

I can use the garlic scapes to season the turnips.

Oh, well.  I will hope and pray that our farmers did plant some other vegetables and that they will show up soon.  I am getting hungry.

I will have to sacrifice something  fun (there goes the movie! there goes the girl’s night out!)  to get food this week.  Hopefully the farmer’s market will have some cheap vegetables or fruit I can use to fill in.  Fortunately, I still have some almonds,  cashews, and flax seeds.

What they say we will get:


Red or Green Romaine Lettuce

Boston Green Lettuce

Baby Bok Choi

Swiss Chard

Garlic Scapes

Japanese Salad Turnips


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