Alright!   It snuck up on me (where was I hiding that I did not know about this?  Oh, yeah, working, down computers, having to think about looking for a new job, having a life…. okay, so it snuck up on me)

This event is usually fun (okay, fun for me is seeing who is exhibiting, what I might want — I actually discovered the existence of dehydrators at a new age expo, and I bought my VitaMix at one)  Once I saw a demonstration of people “doing yoga”? hanging upside down from a sling.  I tried hanging upside down from the sling. Kind of fun, but weird when people kept walking by and pointing at me.

If you go to this expo, you will probably find out about something you did not know about, meet someone interesting, find a good price on something you want, or ….

i.e……  I highly suggest you make room in  your busy schedule to check this out if you are in NYC this coming weekend.  I will fly there directly from work on Friday.

Oh, okay, if you are yoga person, you might be interested, as well.  I think they actually have yoga sessions (bring your mat), and I am sure they discuss yoga in forums.

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