NEW QUEENS BROADWAY STORE NOT ORGANIC: they misrepresent their produce AND their prices are very high

I was interested to see that a new organic store had opened on Broadway, a little closer to my place than the one I usually go to, and it had a huge selection of vegetables and fruit (more even than Fairway or Integral Yoga Foods in Manhattan), so I zig-zagged across the street to check it out.

The first thing I noticed was that none of the produce was organic, at least none that I could find. Okay, so it is just a regular fruit and vegetable market, but misrepresenting the produce in order to draw business from other local produce markets is not nice, and certainly unethical.  (Go here for a quick overview of how to read produce stickers)

When I went to the back of the store, I did find some shelves of dry and canned goods which were organic.  As I was already on my way to buy some flax seed, I checked out their price on Bob’s – it seemed a bit high ($8.49 for the 14 oz. package), so I figured I would keep on going the two blocks  up to Broadway Naturals and check their prices before buying anything (I haven’t bought flax seed in Queens for a long while, so anything could happen).  Broadway Naturals had the same 14 oz Bob’s for $3.45 and they had bulk flax seed for $1.99!!!!  Good grief!  Of course, I bought the bulk at Broadway Naturals!

If you are looking for reasonably-price organic items in Astoria, stick with Broadway Natural – they are what they say they are, they have a reasonable assortment of goods,, as well as a nice little juice bar, and they are nice people as well.


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