I found these nut/seed milk recipes on Chet Day’s website/newsletter

2 C almonds – soaked 12 hours, minimum
4 C pure water
4 – 5 dates
1 t  almond or vanilla flavoring

Drain soaked almonds and place in blender (Vita Mix is
best). Add water, dates, and flavoring.

Blend until nuts are pulverized (about 2 minutes in
standard blender, 1 minute in a Vita Mix). Pour into a
fine mesh bag and “milk the almonds.”

Refrigerate well before serving.
*Save the almond mash for cookies.

** This recipe may be made without the dates and
flavoring to use the milk in soup recipes.  If a dessert
milk is wanted add honey and flavoring later.

1/2 C  sesame seeds, soaked
4 C pure water

Blend until liquefied, strain, and serve.

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