Gosh! Am I ever red-faced! Well, I guess this is one more proof that I am human!  Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

I thought I had somehow managed to accidentally pay off my CSA (don’t ask!).   At the same time, something just seemed off (like I did not remember doing that, and I am not normally an amnesiac, nor am I normally in a state where I would not remember having done something, and, if I am sick,  I make it a point not to pay things on-line.

So, I was secretly hoping it was true, and then I decided it must be, and posted here that I had paid off my CSA.  UH-UH!  Not true!  I kept trying to figure out if another truth might be hiding somewhere, and, sure enough, I found it tonight. What I had been looking at was 2009, although it did not say it was 2009, and the dates fit.

Now, I have paid off my CSA. (will have to pay the rent a bit late, but the CSA is paid off – except for the fruit share, which I have been told I can pay in May — yippee! I’ll be able to have it!)

Yippee! I have found the problem and corrected it!  I am paid up!  Broke, but paid up!  I will have fresh organic vegetables and fruit starting in June!  Meanwhile, I am starting a Master Cleanse tomorrow, so that will cut food costs until my next pay check, at least!


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