WAYS TO SAVE MONEY ON FOOD: I’m suddenly sort of really broke

My CSA is coming up, but, meantime, I have to figure out how to pay for food. Anything that will help will help.  I’m seriously looking at Angelfood Ministries (and you should, too, if you are having difficulties but cannot qualify for foodstamps — my rent and utilities eat up my salary, but the foodstamp people don’t look at that – although my rent and utilities are more than half of my monthly pay, I don’t qualify in NYC for food stamps — and I am not living in a luxury apartment — I share a plain vanilla place — and I only have a T-Mobile pre-paid basic phone: call in/call out – $25/100 mins/3 mos.)  When the CSA kicks in, I will have almost enough  food most weeks, probably (I’ll have to eat everything, and I won’t be able to juice things like greens and carrots because I will need more food food)

Here I go, looking at AngelFood Ministries again – this time for me.  If you look there, scroll down to the Fruit and Veggies box.  No, it is not organic. Yes, there are things you probably don’t want to use (croutons, salad dressing), but the price ($22.00) is definitely workable.  (my problem is that pick-up is at a time when I am working, making about $65.00 for a shift, so the savings shift a bit, unless I can find someone to pick it up for me in exchange for a gourmet meal or custom jewelry or hypnosis or something)

If you are struggling, definitely look at Angelfood Ministries.  I *will* find a way to make it work for me and my household.


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