I went to Fairway a couple of days ago, so I was mindful [;>] that I needed to do something with the shiitakes.

As I chopped and shredded the shiitakes (as I worked, tonight, I realized that the shiitake stems can be shredded, much as maitake can, to give a texture similar to pulled pork) , I thought about my room-mate, Tomoko, who would be returning late from work, and how she likes the shiitake “meat” dish I make, and I decided to make dinner for her, even though I was not hungry.

That is how I pulled out the kale and collards I had bought at Fairway (and should have been thinking about), and made a huge “mess of greens” (massaged, marinated greens, this time with onions and red bell pepper and chili seasoning).  Tomoko likes my greens, as well.

I’ve been meaning to clean out the refrigerator — too much sauerkraut hanging out in there, and we hadn’t been eating it recently (should I throw it out?).  I got out one jar or cabbage/onion/jalapeno sauerkraut and tasted it.  Still good (well, they do say sauerkraut will last 6 months in the refrigerator), so I added that to Tomoko’s plate.

According to me, that made a yummy plate:  massaged/marinated greens, a good portion of “barbecued” shiitake, and a liberal serving of sauerkraut.

Tomoko was happy.

Now, I still have a pot of greens to eat through the next 2-3 days.  I have to eat the shiitake tomorrow, because I just found out this afternoon that I have to go back on the medication and, as I know from the last time, I do not tolerate mushrooms well when I am on the meds.

It’s all good.  I made a nice dinner.  I enjoyed making it, thinking about how Tomoko would enjoy it.  My refrigerator will be empty of foods I cannot eat anymore.  Hopefully, the meds will work again this time, and, hopefully this time, they will do the trick (I’ve been free and clear for almost one year, so hopefully, it will happen again.)

Next week, I am going to start a Master Cleanser fast,  and go for as long as I can  (minimum 10 days — I know I can do that– but, I am going to shoot for 40 days, and see if I can do that.  I don’t know how that will work with the meds… we’ll see).  This time, I think that will be  the best way to start out with these meds — whatever they are going to do to me, they will do it to a very clean/clear system.  I might even get lucky and be able to go off the meds (not that I am expecting it)

Right now I am grateful for the fact that the meds worked last time, and they are expected to work this time.  My aunt has just found out that she has liver cancer, and she has to do chemo, but this is the first time for her (I am going to send her a Monroe Institute CD which helps ease and facilitate chemo).  (Please, if you have time, pray for her and our family)


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