What?  General Mills bought LaraBars when I wasn’t looking?

I am sort of addicted to LaraBars (I don’t eat them every day or anything like that, but, when I go up to Fairway, I get about 20 and eat my way through them, using them for meal substitutes when I am out)  so this is of great interest to me.

What I have learned here is that my beloved Banana Bread, Coconut Cream Pie, and Pecan Pie are still safe!!! (I guess my rule of no more than 5 ingredients, and preferably no more than 3, has saved me and my favorites)

I got this from The Raw Gourmand on Facebook:

“There has been some controversy about Larabars since General Mills purchased them in June 2008. I called, as The Raw Gourmand to get the lowdown. Here is what I uncovered…

The following bars are still 100% raw with no sugar…
Apple Pie
Banana Bread
Cherry Pie
Cinnamon Roll
Coconut Cream Pie
Ginger Snap
Pecan Pie
Pistachio Bar

The ones with peanuts are roasted, the the cocoa is heated. The cashews use heat to extract the nut.”

Oh, well. I can always make my own, yes?


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