There are some really good raw food magazines out there.  I am partial to glossy hard-copy rags that I can carry with me from room to room or on the subway, but there are some worthwhile on-line ones as well.


Purely Delicious, an American magazine, is currently only available in hard-copy format.  A hard-copy magazine is a plus in my book, as I love to carry my magazines with me to read on the train, when I am standing in line, when I am waiting for a friend, etc.

This beautiful four-color glossy magazine carries interviews, lifestyle and health information, as well as a number of delicious recipes.

Continental US (incl. US APO/FPO) $25/1-year (4 issues) or $45/2-year (8 issues)
Non-Continental U.S. & Canada $30/year or $55/2 year
UK/EU/Australia/Asia $40/year or $75/2 year

update:  As of this posting, I have been unable to find the Purely Delicious site. It redirects to a site called 123Raw.

This is a substantial magazine, rivaling any vegetarian magazine you can find on magazine racks in stores, but, unfortunately, only available by subscription (One Lucky Duck apparently carried it in 2009 — I’ve found some back issues there) There are recipes with beautiful, tempting photographs of food, interviews (with “fashion pose-type photos, I guess so you can see what raw food people in the UK think is a sexy look), lifestyle and health articles, and more, as well as a different set of ads from what we normally see in the U.S.

Print subscriptions:
UK  ₤14.25/1-year (4 issues) or ₤25.25/2-year 8 issues
EU  ₤20.00/1-year (4 issues) or ₤37.00/2-year (8 issues)
USA & World ₤28.00/1-year (4 issues) or ₤52.85/2-year (8 issues)
e-subscription ₤9.97/1-year (4 issues) or ₤17.00/2-year (8 issues)


This American magazine, which has recently adopted an all-digital format, is a chock-full of interesting informative articles covering all sorts of areas of interest to raw vegans.  There are recipes (my favorite part of a raw vegan magazine), lifestyle articles, wonderful photographs, and a variety of advertisements (my second favorite thing in raw food magazines) – you won’t see a larger variety of magazines anywhere.

e-subscription (published twice yearly)
5 issues = $24
8 issues = $35



The editor of Raw Foods News Magazine, an American e-zine, says:  “Think of Raw Foods News Magazine as an old city with a maze of streets before urban planning existed. Explore our pages with a sense of adventure, see what interesting tidbits you discover.

This is pretty much true. This online e-zine has an “organic” feel to it, in that it seems to grow in all sorts of directions. There is no real roadmap, so you could end up just about anywhere, depending on what has caught the editor’s fancy, and what you click on.

I was sorry to hear of the demise of RawFu magazine, which, from the issue I received, looked like it might be nice to read from time to time.


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