I left the sauerkraut for 5 days.  I find I really prefer it at 3 days – -it is much sweeter.  Nevertheless, we have 2-1/2 qts. of sauerkraut here, and we are eating it. (I’ll just get the sweet stuff next time.. if I eat this batch fast, that will be sooner… recipes, recipes, recipes!!!)

My room-mate put it in her rice.  I combined it with waka

me seaweed, some onion, some herbs,  and Zukay probiotic salad dressing.  I put it in some crackers I dehydrated. I ate it plain in a bowl when I came home.  I ate it with some bean sprouts.  I made a soup with the sauerkraut and the pickled beets I made (sort of like borscht)… basically, sauerkraut is in everything we eat here this week.  I am supposed to go to a raw food potluck meet-up on Saturday – guess what I will take with me?   (you got it!  Sauerkraut! You so smart!) Actually, I get paid on Thursday, so I may even be able to run to the market, between picking up the paycheck and cashing it, and going to pick up my CSA share (I could take my shopping cart and just do it all before I ever come home — I could really get my money’s worth out of my all-you-can-ride monthly Metrocard before it expires- must save money wherever I can, yes?) If I can get to the market on Thursday, I might make some crackers with — you guessed it! Sauerkraut!– for the meet-up.

I am still working on the kimchee I made about a month or so ago.  It is very spicy.  Since I haven’t been able to go to the Chinese market to get more Chinese pepper sauce, it is what we have been using around here to spice things up.  It is not Chinese pepper sauce and it is not Tabasco, but it sure is spicy!!!! (sweat sweat)  When this stuff is gone, I surely will make another little jar of it.

We have always been wondering if fermenting the marinated beets I make would work, so I finally got around to doing it, to see what would happen.  The night before last, I opened up the grated fermented beets (I had put in probiotics, and vinegar, but not the olive oil I usually put in the marinated beets.)  We were kind of disappointed because the fermented beets were actually “harder” than the marinated beets usually are.  Still, we can eat them, and we will eat them.   I also have a jar of sliced beets fermenting.  After the disappointment with the grated beets, I decided to leave the sliced beets to ferment a bit longer.  I will probably open them tomorrow night and see what’s up.  I am expecting that, even if I don’t like them fresh out of the jar, putting vinegar on them will make them good.  I’ll let you know.


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