1/18/10 CSA SHARE: Reasons to be grateful

Today, I have three reasons to be happy (good, since I was in a downward spiral there for an hour or two)

My most recent batch of sauerkraut is ready this afternoon!  Yippee!  (I got two medium-smallish cabbages, which yielded enough sauerkraut to fit into one 1-qt. jar and one 1-pt. jar — I’ll have to make more soon!  This batch is my favorite mix – cabbage and serrano peppers.  Yumm!)

My lentil sprouts and sunflower seed sprouts are ready today.

Also, it is my day to pick up my CSA share!

They say we will get:
Russet potatoes or yellow potatoes
Watermelon Radish
Spinach or Arugula

I will also get apples and apple cider

I will be perfectly honest with you:  I am very very tired of rutabaga.  I want more beets.  I hope I get spinach (I am not a big fan of arugula)


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