01/28/10 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

Fun celebrity sighting:  I saw Liz last night when I went out with my room-mate.  Actually, she could not avoid me, because I was going out of the lady’s room when she was going in!  Looks of surprise all around!!!!<grin> Got a glimpse of her cute husband (I’m sure that was him, right?) when she went back to her table.

Now, on to more serious business:WHAT WILL THEY BRING US ON THURSDAY????

Here is what the newsletter says:

Russet potatoes
Sweet potatoes

Watermelon radish

Kale or Spinach

No amounts listed.. it could be a lot or 3 or 4 of whatever. That is the fun of the share.. you just never know.  I am excited about the possibility of kale or spinach, and I always love beets, rutabaga, and radish of any kind

Whatever I get will be welcome. I am hungry and my funds are low.  (I’ll be making wheat and lentil sprouts this week to get some more greens)

I’ll know more tomorrow when I pick up my share!


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