I was totally amazed to receive my Mason jars (Ball/Kerr brands) last week, only 4 days after I had placed my order on-line (and, because I had had problems with the confirmation, over the phone, as well  — long story short — I did not get an on-line confirmation, so I called the 800 # right away, and got a very friendly helper who made it all happen)

It seems that what we tend to call Mason jars are now Ball jars and Kerr jars, and those are both produced by the same folks (makes it easy…. oh! you fear monopoly!  no!  they are still in the business of helping US)

I have bought jars here and there, and (while on vacation) seen them for sale elsewhere, but I was intensely pleased by the service (24 jars delivered to the door of this car-less person), and the price (I have searched all over New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx — okay, I did not go to Staten Island), and I have never been able to find more than 6 jars (of any size) available in once place, and, then, the jars have always only been available at “one-sie” prices.

The deal at the official Ball/Kerr/Mason jar site (btw, they are not paying me) is the best, even if you are not transportation-challenged as I am (I never could have dragged home 24 jars on the subway… add stress pay over top of the jar cost plus tax…)

I ordered extra “dome” jar tops (I think the “dome” means that they sometimes puff up when you are making fermented things), because my jar lids had begun “fermenting”.. it could be the salt, it could be a time issue, or whatever.   Whatever, my jar lids did not look nice or safe to me.

I also ordered some plastic “storage lids” (maybe hanging out in the refrigerator made those other lids die).

I got a huge box in about 5 days, it was easy enough, propping it on my grocery cart, to carry from my mailbox place to my home.  I pawed through the “peanuts” to find everything, and I was in heaven.  12  16 oz jars, 12 32 oz jars, replacement lids, and the storage lids.

If you are fermenting, or even storing, anything, on a regular basis (particularly if you give away), consider going directly to the factory (http://www.freshpreserving.com/)

(no, they are not paying me… this is all about being a very satisfied customer, who, after searching the world over –okay, NYC–, has found the best source for her needs.)

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