I’ve got one plain (no seasonings) 64 oz jar of sauerkraut fermenting.  Tonight’s the first night it is available. (I say it that way because I have never made a straight no-addition sauerkraut before).

Last night, I had to finish off the vegetables I had bought for fermenting, so I had a little private fermenting party in the kitchen.


First, in the food processor, I grated all of the (chopped) cabbage I still had (about 2 small cabbages) and threw the grated cabbage in a bowl and added onion and sliced serrano and jalapeno peppers (I did not have enough of either one, and I figured both are spicy, so I sliced what I had finely, and added to the grated cabbage.

I placed the grated cabbage/chili mix in a large bowl and then added 1 heaping T sea salt.  I tossed the mix to distribute the sea salt.T

Then I  massaged the mix until it became very juicy.

Then I put 3 capsules of New Chapter probiotics in 1/4 C spring water, and mixed it up.  Just before I added it to the cabbage, I added 1/4 C spring water.

I stuffed as much as I could in a 2 qt. mason jar, stuck holes down through the mix, poured in the water/probiotics mix, screwed the lid on tightly, and set it in a bowl on the counter.


I still had quite a bit of the cabbage mix left, so I grated two carrots in the food processor, mixed them into the cabbage in the bowl, and massaged some more, until it seemed very juicy again.

When I went to put this mix into a jar, I realized that I needed a quart jar again, probably because of all the carrot.  I stuffed it into a quart jar, mashed it down, to about 1 inch from the top of the jar.

I put 1/4 C water into a small bowl, added the probiotics, and mixed it all together, and poured the mix into the new jar of sauerkraut.


I still had some cabbage/carrot mix , so I chopped up a small nappa cabbage, and set to work to make a “kimchi-like” ferment.

I chopped the nappa cabbage to pieces no larger than 1 in. square.  I placed the nappa cabbage in a large bowl, added the cabbage/carrot mix, added thinly sliced and chopped onion, and about @3 serrano peppers, chopped; added @1T sea salt, and massaged the mix until it released liquid/became juicy.

I placed @1/4 of the cabbage in the jar, then added minced garlic and a liberal sprinkling of cayenne pepper to the layer.

I added more nappa cabbage, then added more minced garlic and cayenne pepper, and then repeated until I had filled the jar.  Then I added 2 caps of probiotics to about 1/8 C water and added that to top off the jar (leaving about 1/2 in. before the top of the jar.)  I screwed on the lid and set the jar in a bowl on the counter.

Now I wait 3 days, to see how it all turned out.

Fortunately, I don’t have to wait for sauerkraut – the plain batch I started on Friday will be ready in time for dinner tonight.


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