I’m excited!  I received my new passport on Friday.  I asked for it because I want to go to Toronto. (why?  I don’t know… it is a foreign country, and they speak English, and I can get there faster than I can get to Virginia to see my family?)

Now that Toronto is a sort-of plan, I have to figure out what to do in the day I will be there.  I want a raw food restaurant (or else a raw food friend with whom I can make dinner, or both).  I would also like to see a good bead shop, if there is one.  Then, I would like to see something Canadian tourists go to Toronto to see.

Can all of this be done in less than 24 hours? I hope so.  How long is the trip from the airport from the city center?

If you live in Toronto, or if you have visited Toronto, I would appreciate any suggestions that you may be able to give me. (I will probably go sometime in the summer – when is the best time/when is the worst time?)

I’m excited.  I am going to go to Toronto this year, God willing!

One response to “GOING TO TORONTO

  1. Toronto is the best place ever! Especially if you’re into raw foods and natural living. It is the most diverse place ever.. you will love it. I’m going in a month! So excited. I stumbled across your page on google searching for raw food meal ideas and I saw your blog and that you were going to T.O.! I hope you enjoy it!

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